The Future of Economic Development

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Who We Are

We are a think tank for entrepreneurs, economic developers, workforce developers, educators, poverty advocates, physicists, engineers and planners.

What We Do

We create new solutions to the biggest, hardest problems facing community economies.

Work With Us

We are looking for thinkers, planners and doers to contribute to inventing the future of economic development.

“We work on the stuff that everyone else is afraid to work on.” – Mark Lautman

A New Algorithm

The CELab is developing a more comprehensive and rigorous planning and management process for the economic development of communities.

New Program Approaches

We develop new job creation program approaches to work in the 21st Century.

New Connections

We are working on the practical integration of job creation, workforce development, education and poverty reduction.

Artificial Intelligence

We are exploring the accelerating impact of artificial intelligence and technology on the future of state, regional and local economies.

Connect With Us

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