New Mexico Jobs Council

In 2013, then Speaker of the House Ken Martinez tasked us with coming up with a process for getting the state to full employment by 2024. The approach we have taken was not to impose a plan on the state as an outside consultant but to participate in each community with everyone who will need to be involved so that we can have clarity and consensus on what this undertaking will require from both policy makers, those tasked with creating jobs, and those responsible for creating a job friendly environment.

During the first two years, we met with groups from each region to determine by unanimous opinion what the job needs are, where the jobs will come from, and what would prevent those jobs from coming about.

In 2015 under the direction of the Senate President Pro Tempore Mary Kay Papen and  Speaker of the House Don L. Tripp, we have moved toward splitting responsibility for economic base job procurement between what we have come to call “program theaters.” These are solopreneurs, retirement, start-ups, visitor driven, employer recruitment/retention/expansion, film and digital media, federal government, agriculture, and extractives/energy. Each of the council meetings has consisted discussion on how each theater creates jobs, organizations involved, how many each can achieve, what obstacles will arise, and what solutions, legislative or otherwise, we need to overcome them.



2016 Final Report

IJC Oct 16 summary mtg slides

2016 NMJC Report Appendices

Accountability and Planning Act – Resources

Accounting and Planning – Section1 discussion draft legislation

JC List of tax expenditures

A&P Act Timeline

A&P Act Q&A

The Jobs Calculator for the project can be found here.

The official committee site can be found here.

The most current assessment for each of New Mexico’s 7 regions can be found below:

NC Regional Assessment

EP Regional Assessment

SE Regional Assessment

SW Regional Assessment

SC Regional Assessment

NW Regional Assessment

MR Regional Assessment

Link to Bill Draft: Accountability and Planning, Section 1 – Architecture

JOBS – Accountability presentation – draft legislation